Those who are unable to attend the drubchod, may nonetheless have a connection with it and accumulate merit through offering to the expenses. There are many costs in organizing a drubchod, such as meals for the participants every day (180 € / day), or tsog (108 € / day) and butter lamp (30 € / day) offerings every day.

It is a Tibetan custom to offer for example the meals for everyone for one day. If you would like to give an offering for the expenses, please send us email.

Prayers  requests

Why is it beneficial to ask for prayers?

It is said that the power of prayers when the Sangha has come together is multiplied and becomes particularly powerful. Through that, great benefit can be accomplished.

How to send a request for additional prayers?

For instance, if you have a health-problem, some difficulties or obstacles and so on, or wish us to pray for the benefit of a particular person, or in order to support your future activity, you can send an e-mail to, in which you can write:

-the name of the person for whom you wish us to pray

-the purpose of praying or circumstances of the person

-the donation you intend to make

-whether all personal information (names of donator and person for whom we are praying) is confidential or not

-the way of transferring the money.

You are welcome to submit

your prayer requests in connection with any of these unique practice occasions listed above.

The names and prayers are read aloud

at specific times during the practice

in the presence of Dakpa Tulku Rinpoche and other Lamas and the Sangha,

and one's prayers and aspirations are thus included in these meaningful and meritorious activities.

The merit of these practices is dedicated to all sentient beings,

and specifically in the direction requested by those who have made prayer requests.

It is said that making prayer requests is especially helpful on behalf of those who have deceased or are ill or struggling.

Merit (Skt. puṇya; Tib. བསོད་ནམས་, sönam; Wyl. bsod nams) is one of the two accumulations.

Sogyal Rinpoche says: 

Merit is the positive power and benefit, the peace and happiness that radiate from your practice.[1]

Mingyur Rinpoche says:

Merit is connected with the power of interdependence.

Each phenomenon has its own characteristics and power.

Interdependence has outer and inner power. The inner power is dependent on the mind. It can be either negative or positive. The positive is what we call merit. The negative, which is a cause of suffering, is non-virtue. Merit is the same as virtue.

The amount for a Prayers requests is not limited, it can be symbolic - 3 €, 5 € as 5 Buddha families, 33 € as 33 practices of Bodhisattvas, auspicius 108 € or as The Buddha Dzambala 5000 €, everything is perfect!

      For account payments as a variable symbol, please specify yours phone number. Please also include in your message

     the name and surname of the recipient.